Squid is a British post-punk band formed in Brighton in 2017. The band consists of members Ollie Judge (drums and lead vocals), Louis Borlase (guitar and vocals), Arthur Leadbetter (keyboards, strings, percussion and vocals), Laurie Nankivell (bass and vocals) and Anton Pearson (guitar and vocals). Squid’s music is characterized by its complex rhythms, experimental sounds, and politically charged lyrics, and their energetic live performances have earned them a reputation as one of the most exciting up-and-coming bands in the UK.

The band’s early years were marked by a series of self-released EPs, including "Town Centre" and "Lino," which garnered critical acclaim for their unique blend of post-punk, krautrock, and jazz influences. The band’s experimental sound, characterized by intricate rhythms and unusual instrumentation, quickly gained them a dedicated following in the UK indie music scene.

Squid’s debut album, "Bright Green Field," was released in May 2021 to widespread critical acclaim. The album was produced by Dan Carey, who has worked with a number of influential British artists such as Kate Tempest and Fontaines D.C. "Bright Green Field" features a diverse range of influences, from post-punk and krautrock to jazz and electronic music. The album is characterized by its complex arrangements, driving rhythms, and socially conscious lyrics that address themes such as capitalism, gentrification, and environmentalism.

One of the standout tracks on "Bright Green Field" is the single "Narrator," which features guest vocals from Martha Skye Murphy. The song is a seven-minute epic that builds to a frenzied climax, with Murphy’s ethereal vocals contrasting with Judge’s raw and urgent delivery. The lyrics explore the idea of storytelling and the power dynamics involved in the creation of narratives.

Another standout track on the album is "Paddling," which features a driving bassline and hypnotic rhythms that gradually build to a chaotic climax. The song’s lyrics address the gentrification of urban spaces and the erasure of working-class communities. The track "G.S.K." is a tribute to the late Mark E. Smith of The Fall, featuring angular guitars and sardonic lyrics that pay homage to Smith’s iconic style.
Squid’s live performances are renowned for their energy and intensity, with the band frequently experimenting with their setlist and incorporating improvisation into their performances. The band’s onstage chemistry is palpable, with each member contributing their own unique style and energy to the performance.

Squid’s music has been compared to that of iconic post-punk bands such as Talking Heads and Gang of Four, but the band’s eclectic range of influences and experimental approach to songwriting sets them apart from their predecessors. The band’s music is characterized by its complex rhythms, intricate arrangements, and socially conscious lyrics that challenge conventional ideas and explore complex themes.

In addition to their music, Squid are known for their striking visual aesthetic, with their album artwork and music videos featuring bold and surreal imagery that reflects the band’s experimental approach to music. The band’s use of multimedia elements in their live performances, including projections and lighting effects, further enhance their immersive and engaging live shows.

Overall, Squid is one of the most exciting and innovative bands in the UK music scene today. With their unique blend of post-punk, krautrock, and jazz influences, their socially conscious lyrics, and their energetic live performances, they have established themselves as a force to be reckoned with and a voice for a new generation of indie music fans.


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