Automatic is a post-punk band hailing from Los Angeles that has quickly gained attention for their unique sound and DIY ethos. Comprised of Izzy Glaudini on synths and vocals, Halle Saxon Gaines on bass and vocals, and Lola Dompé on drums and vocals, the band formed in 2017 and has since been making waves in the LA music scene and beyond.
One of the most notable aspects of Automatic's music is their ability to blend different genres and influences into a cohesive and distinctive sound. They draw on elements of post-punk, synth-pop, and krautrock, creating a sonic landscape that is both familiar and fresh. The band cites influences such as Can, Suicide, and The Slits, but they manage to create something that is entirely their own.
At the core of Automatic's sound is a driving rhythm section that provides a foundation for the band's layers of synths and vocals. Dompé's drumming is particularly noteworthy, with her propulsive beats providing a sense of urgency and momentum to the band's music. Gaines' basslines are equally powerful, adding depth and texture to the band's sound.
Glaudini's synths are a key part of Automatic's sonic identity, with her atmospheric and often dissonant tones creating a sense of tension and unease. Her vocals are equally striking, with her haunting melodies and poetic lyrics adding a sense of emotional depth to the band's music. Gaines and Dompé also contribute vocals, often singing in unison or harmony with Glaudini to create a sense of unity and solidarity.

One of Automatic's standout tracks is "Electrocution," which showcases the band's unique sound and approach to songwriting. The song opens with a driving bassline and Dompé's frenetic drumming, creating a sense of energy and urgency. Glaudini's synths enter shortly after, adding a layer of atmosphere and dissonance. The vocals are haunting and emotional, with Glaudini singing lyrics that deal with themes of love and loss.
As the song progresses, the instrumentation becomes more frenzied, with the synths and drums building in intensity. The chorus is particularly memorable, with the band repeating the phrase "I'm just waiting for the electrocution" over and over again. This creates a sense of tension and unease that mirrors the song's themes of anxiety and uncertainty.
Another notable aspect of Automatic's music is their commitment to DIY ethics and social and political causes. The band is known for their activism, with members involved in various groups and movements. They use their platform to raise awareness about issues such as police brutality, climate change, and LGBTQ+ rights. This activism is reflected in their music, with lyrics that often deal with social and political themes.
Automatic - Signal(2019)
Automatic's debut album, "Signal," was released in 2019 on the Stones Throw Records label. The album received critical acclaim and was praised for its tight rhythms, atmospheric synths, and socially conscious lyrics. The album features standout tracks such as "Too Much Money," "Calling It," and "Signal," which showcase the band's unique sound and approach to songwriting.
Since the release of "Signal," Automatic has continued to tour extensively in the US and Europe, playing shows and festivals alongside bands such as The Strokes, Black Marble, and Wand. They are known for their energetic and dynamic live performances, which showcase their ability to create a powerful sonic experience.
Overall, Automatic is a band that is making waves in the post-punk scene with their unique sound, DIY ethos, and commitment to social and political causes. Their music is characterized by a driving rhythm section, atmospheric synths, and haunting vocals, and their lyrics often deal with themes of anxiety, uncertainty, and resistance.


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