LA Post-punk 2023

Post-punk is a music genre that emerged in the late 1970s and early 1980s as a reaction to the commercialization of punk rock. It is characterized by its use of experimental sounds, unconventional song structures, and dark, introspective lyrics. While post-punk may have originated in the UK, the genre has evolved and spread to other parts of the world, including Los Angeles. Today, LA post-punk is a thriving scene that draws inspiration from the past while pushing the boundaries of the genre in new and exciting ways.


One of the defining characteristics of current LA post-punk is its use of a diverse range of influences. While many LA post-punk bands draw inspiration from the UK post-punk scene of the late 70s and early 80s, they also incorporate elements of other genres such as noise rock, shoegaze, and industrial. This fusion of different styles creates a unique sound that is both familiar and fresh.

Another key aspect of LA post-punk is its emphasis on experimentation. Many LA post-punk bands use non-traditional instruments and techniques to create their music. For example, some bands use samplers and drum machines to create electronic beats, while others incorporate elements of free jazz into their songs. This willingness to push boundaries and try new things is what makes LA post-punk such an exciting and dynamic genre.

LA post-punk is also notable for its introspective and often dark lyrics. Many LA post-punk bands explore themes of alienation, anxiety, and depression, reflecting the city's reputation for being a place of glamour and sunshine on the surface but also fraught with underlying tension and insecurity. These themes are often explored through abstract, poetic lyrics that invite interpretation and reflection.

One of the most distinctive characteristics of current LA post-punk is its use of sonic textures. Many LA post-punk bands create dense, layered soundscapes that are designed to evoke a sense of mood or atmosphere. This is achieved through the use of effects pedals, unconventional guitar tunings, and non-traditional instrumentation. The resulting sound is often immersive and ethereal, creating a sense of otherworldliness that sets LA post-punk apart from other genres.

LA post-punk is also notable for its diverse range of voices. Many of the scene's most exciting bands are fronted by women or people of color, reflecting the city's rich cultural heritage and commitment to diversity. This diversity is reflected in the range of themes explored in LA post-punk music, which often touch on issues such as race, gender, and sexuality.

In terms of the LA post-punk scene itself, one of its most striking characteristics is its sense of community. Many LA post-punk bands collaborate with one another, supporting each other at shows and helping to promote each other's music. This sense of camaraderie is also reflected in the DIY ethos of the scene, with many bands self-releasing their music and booking their own shows. This DIY approach is part of what gives LA post-punk its punk rock roots, even as the genre continues to evolve and grow.

Overall, current LA post-punk is a vibrant and exciting genre that draws on a diverse range of influences to create a sound that is both familiar and fresh. With its emphasis on experimentation, introspective lyrics, and immersive soundscapes, LA post-punk is pushing the boundaries of what is possible within the genre, and attracting a diverse range of fans and artists alike. As the scene continues to evolve and grow, it will be interesting to see where it goes next. 


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